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Info about Mazury Lakes Region

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Masuria (Polish: Mazury; German: Masuren) is an area in northeastern Poland famous for its lakes and forests. Together with Russia's Kaliningrad Oblast` to the north and a small section of Lithuania, the region used to be a part of Prussia and of the administrative region of East Prussia, a German exclave before World War II. Sanctioned by the Potsdam Conference, Masuria became part of Poland in 1945. The name Masuria comes from Mazurian ethnic group, Polish settlers from Masovia who repopulated much of the area after its conquest by the Teutonic Knights. (...)

Masuria and the Masurian Lakeland are known in Polish as Kraina Tysiąca Jezior and in German as Land der Tausend Seen, meaning "land of a thousand lakes." These lakes were ground out of the land by glaciers during the Pleistocene ice age, when ice covered northeastern Europe. By 10,000 BC this ice started to melt. Great geological changes took place and even in the last 500 years the maps showing the lagoons and peninsulas on the Baltic Sea have greatly altered in appearance. As in other parts of northern Poland, such as from Pomerania on the Oder River to the Vistula River, this continuous stretch of lakes is popular among tourists. [by]

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